We are the Keepers of Knowledge and Magic, the Protectors of Earth and Life, the Guardians of Peace and Truth To these tasks we are bound by our desire to Protect, love, and honor all that has been and all that will be.
Enter the Lair of the Dragons and be welcome, but beware though slow to anger there tempers are mercurial.

      You Face the Cliffs of Sanctuary. The caverns of Sanctuary riddle the the cliffs. Over the main Cavern you see carved deeply in the stone of the cliff Clan Sanctuary Hold. Entering the cavern images of draconians, dragons, and humans cover the walls lit softly by glowing mage lights.
      As you walk out of the cavern you look down on a canyon; the walls nearly perpendicular and dotted with caverns with Dragons laying about on the ledges in front of them. Steam rising from the lush under growth in more pleaces than you can count from the hotsprings. Vegitation in the bowl runs riot.
      Out of the shadow of the trees steps a woman wrapping Opalwhite wings about herself, violetice eyes flash, long blackamethyst hair flowing around her drapping down to her knees. Greetings and welcome to the home of the Clan Sanctuary. I am Clan Mother to the Dragons. We are a small Clan of Mixed Races. This is Sanctuary. And all are welcome that come in peace.
      After the Clan was Attacked by a renegade Adept and his army it was nearly decimated and went into hiding. It has been many decades rebuilding and searching out old and finding new members.
      We are a close knit family of many races. Governed by a council of members that all hold many of the same ideals. Each member is responcible for his or her own actions, yet has the backing of the Clan so long as there actions are just and honorable.
      Enough -- please feel free to look around if you find us to your liking fell free to contact me and we shall talk further. At that she steps back and fades into the shadows.


Spirit Clan

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