Draconian Form:
The Draconian has three forms, Human, Draconian, and Dragon, depending on the age and the strength of the character. Thier eyes are slit pupiled and reflect light like an animals. Thier ears are slightly pointed. They have a thicker skin(dragon skin), that is colored and patterned like thier wings, that flows along thier hairline framing thier faces, trailing down thier necks and over thier shoulders and flowing down thier backs where it merges with the wings than continues down the back to fade back into normal skin at the lower back(in a general point shape). (The dragons skin can be located on other parts of the body as well depending on the Character. Some have it trailing all the way down the arms and over the backs of thier hands where it fades out,some have small patches that seem to be almost decoration over wrists, or over collar bones. These are just a few examples, it is up to the character exactly how much the dragons skin carries over into the draconian form. The places described above are just the mandatory ones.)
The Draconians skin that covers the wings and parts of the body is deceptively soft, to the touch it is as soft as the most exquisite suede or velvet, however, it is much stronger than skin. Thier nails are talon-like and semi retractable. This is not real noticable unless your paying attention. The wingspan for a draconian is two and a half to three times the height of the draconian form.

Human Form: All Draconians have minimal shape shifting abilities and some innate magical abilites, part of these is what allows them to ''hide'' thier wings and the patches of dragons skin. However, it is a weakness in the character that they can not hide the fact that thier pupils are slit and reflect light like an animals, thier ears have slight point to them, and the fingernails still look a bit talon-like and are semi-retractable.
(NOTE:if working with a Dragon base character they can not take human form untill they reach the Juvenile age -- see creating a character)

Dragon Form: The Dragon form can be taken by Draconians once they reach the Juvenile age (see creating a character)