This is who I am and what I look like, when we meet I hope we meet as friends and talk about the days of yore and the days that still are to come.

     I, Dominus Lockheed, was born out of necessity to five powerful beings whose actions determines the fates of the World Triad.
     First let me explain about the World Triad  It is the sum of three worlds in which the beings who created me and the rest of my kind more or less control  I say more or less because they don't control it directly, rather indirectly--this will be explained in a few moments also.
     One world is known as Solarsis, the second being the being's own realm, Orion, and the third being your own world, Earth. Now let me tell you who and what they are and what they do.
     These five beings are known as the Dream Masters.  Each one controls a hemisphere of our dreaming Conscious.  Dream Weaver controls the dreams of aspirations, success, and happiness.  He is the overall most powerful, and basically the leader of the Dream Masters.  It is this Dream Master that creates some of the most brilliant genious' and philanthropists known to man.  There is Time Traveller, he sends us dreams of past, present and future and often is the one who serves us with unknown premonitions of the future or hidden memories of the past.  Next in line is Star Gazer. This being controls the dreams of the Stars and Space.  From him we travel to unknown worlds and meet glorious and often times hideous creatures we would most likely want to leave behind.   It is this being who has inspired some of the greatest horror and science-fiction writers, H.P. Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury and Gene Roddenbury.  The Light Keeper is the Dream Master that weaves the bonds of friends and family.  This being's dreams strengthens the bonds and enables healing and forgiveness over feuds and wars.  Hence her name the Light Keeper, keeper of the Light of Peace.  Lastly, but far from least, is the Nightmare.  Believe it or not this Dream Master is necessary to the balance of the dreamer's minds. Just as without dreams people go insane, so is the way when people go without nightmares.  This being, obvious enough, is the one who breeds the dark dreams that terrify us in the middle of the night and cause us to wake up stifling a scream of terror.  He has spawned many a great writer, Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, and Clive Barker to name just a few.
     To go into the history of the becoming of the Dream Masters would take much too long.  I shall go directly to the reason my race of beings were created.
     The one thing that a Dream Master must face, and in which is the hardest to resist, is the corruption by the power ordained him.  Any of the Dream Masters can fall prey to it, but usually it is the Nightmare who must struggle the hardest against it.  For his dreams spawn the very evil that corrupts, and of course it is always possible to be corrupted by your own power.  The first Nightmare fell in temptation to this desire and in turn created the creation of me.
     I, of course, wasn't there so I don't know exactly how it went but I will fill in blank areas with that in which I think would fit best.
     Once Nightmare fell from grace and gave in to his craving for power, he managed to break the Barriers of the Dream Weaver's Dream Chamber and crush through his Guardian Dragons of Sleep and with the help of numerous Shadow Wraiths, managed to steal the very thing that the Dream Weaver channeled his energy through to send his dreams.  He took the Sceptor of the Dawning Dream.  Let me explain the artifacts of the Dream Masters before I go on.
     Each Dream Master possesses an artifact that channels their powers.  Without these artifacts one of two things can happen.  One: No power will be able to be summoned and their Dreaming powers will be useless.  Two: Too much power will be channeled and the dreams will be too much for the dreamer's mind and in turn they may very well die, or at best become catatonic zombies.  Now, as I told you, the Dream Weaver uses the Sceptor of the Dawning Dream, Time Traveller possesses the Grains of Time (A large hourglass with sands that can be counted in seconds, minutes, hours, and even years), Star Gazer utilizes the Telescope of Orion (This telescope was created by magickal materials found upon Orion and by the original creator of Orion.  It is powerful enough to see as far as the Star Gazer deems fit).  The Light Keeper holds the Candle of the Everlasting Flame as her artifact (This grants her the ability to calm anyone, and any fight, feud, or war when faced with such a catastrophy).  Lastly, Nightmare possesses The Book of Nightmares.  This book grants him one of the most horrific powers known to man: The ability to see the deepest fears of mortal man (The book is bound in human flesh and inked in blood and in the center of the book's cover is an eye that eternally watches the inner workings of man's mind to record what they fear and dread most).
     Now, back to my explanation. Anyway, once the Dream Weaver's artifact was stolen he could no longer give dreams and man upon the Earth and Solarsis as far as I know, began to grow insane with rage and hatred.  Until finally, three brave warriors were chosen through destiny to retrieve the Sceptor of the Dawning Dream and save all of humanity.  They were two vampires and a ghoul. However, I have not the time to go into details.
     Finally, the Nightmare had been vanquished and the Sceptor returned, as was humanity's sanity.  After that, however, the Dream Masters--after replacing the Nightmare with a more stronger-willed and stable being--decided that they shall never be caught by surprise like that again.  So, in rememberance of The Dragon Guardians of Sleep he created the Dragon Lords. How they did this was not only amazing, but generous and glorious.
     The first thing they did was to shed some of their life force (blood) and take out a part of their heart.  Then with many nights of blood giving and endless rituals and incantations, the shells of five beings were formed.
     The next thing given from them were a part of their Avatars.  Yes, they were mages. I will quickly explain to you their spheres and levels of power.
     The Dream Weaver: Oracle (Sixth level or higher) of Prime, Master (Fifth level) of Spirit, Adept (Fourth or lower) of the other known Spheres to mages.
     Time Traveller: Master of Time, Adept at the other eight Spheres known to mages.
     Star Gazer: Master of Correspondance and Adept at all other Spheres.
     Light Keeper: Master of Life and Adept at all other Spheres.
     Nightmare: Oracle of Mind, Master of Entropy and Adept of all other Spheres.
     Their Avatars granted the five beings life. From each Avatar of the Dream Masters a Dragon Lord was born.
     From the Dream Weaver was born Killian Maelstrom (Gold Dragon):  Founder of Sect Goldenheart.  From Time Traveller life was granted to me, Dominus Lockheed (Silver Dragon), and I founded Sect Silverflame.  Star Gazer birthed Tempest Fury (Red Dragon), who in turn founded Sect Flameforge.  Light Keeper bore Arthoul Alexander ( Green Dragon):  Founder of Sect Bloodwound.  Nightmare created Jaran Darkbane (Black Dragon):  Who started Sect Blackheart.  Of course, each had their own personalities, to make it easier I put them into alighnments. From Gold to Black, in order: Lawful Good, Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Good, and Lawful Evil.
     We each infiltrated mortal society to procreate and for nearly five hundred years we spread our seeds until the Dragons were plentiful.  We had our wars and fights and feuds, but when trouble reared its ugly head, we put arguments to the side for later and worked together to put down the evil.
     I should explain about my powers to give you an idea of what I am capable of.  I cannot, however, tell you of the others--I am sure you understand.
     I, myself, am a Master of the Draconian Sphere, a Master of the Life Sphere, an Adept of the Correspondance Sphere, a disciple (Third level) of the Time Sphere, a Novice (Second level) of the Entropy Sphere, and an Initiate (First level) of the Prime Sphere.
     My Draconian Sphere grant me these powers: Dragon's Fortification, Dragon's Endurance, Dragon's Might, Dragon's Athleticism, and Dragon's Theft ( I may weaken other's by draining their Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, or even Willpower).
     Of course, I also retain my natural Dragon Abilities.  I may take the Draconian Shape (Much like the Lupine's Krinos form--Half man and half wolf), Full Draconian Form (Turn into a huge, full-bred dragon), Flight ( I am able to fly in Draconian Shape and Full Draconian Form), and Dragon's Breath (A silver flame that I may breathe when in Full Dragon Shape .
     I shall conclude my story now as quickly as possible for time wanes and I have regalled you long enough with my tales of yore.
     I, and a few other fellow Dragon Lords, have been sent here because of the impending doom that encroaches closer with each second.  I, nor the other fellow Dragon Lords who I will not name, have no idea what it is.  Not even the Dream Lords know what it is. Not even is the Tapestry of Destiny telling them anything. They just know that it is coming, and whatever it is they know it will be big and disasterous.  So they sent me and a few others to watch and get an idea on what it is.  All they know is that we should not look for it from within ourselves, from our earth or even in the bowels of Hell, but to look for it coming from the Stars.
     I trust you will keep this in the strictest confidence.  Tell only those you trust as much as I trust you.  I also seek allies, for if it is a war we will be fighting, all warriors will be needed.
     For those who come upon this reading without having met me I leave you this quick character sketch so that you may identify me if we are ever to meet.
     Standing a towering 6'5" and weighing about 250 pounds I am considered by many an imposing figure.  However, I am glad to say that once they talk to me they find that behind my imposing visage is an intelligent, helpful, and caring person.
     My hair is long and a molten-silver in which cascades well past my shoulders and matches my eyes, in which always dance with the spark of life, perfectly.
     As probably foresaw by my height and weight I possess a large, muscular figure that is nothing but pure and striated muscle.
     I am usually garbed in breeches, a tunic, both leather and black as raven's-hair, and a loose-fitting, long-sleeved, flowing silver shirt. Completing my ensemble are shin-length hard riding boots and gloves, both in which match the shade of my shirt.
     Upon my shoulder sits a live, platinum-hued Dragon Whelp in which I raise and feed.  He is my closest friend and one who I shall not part with until he is grown and ready.  His name is Bloodfang and he is relatively friendly, until threatened or angered. Dragons are tempermental at best.

-----Dominus Lockheed-----