The Dragons of Spirit Clan were great healers of body, mind and soul, they could contol the elements and energies of the world around them to sustain great feats of magic and healing, they were also shapeshifters that could change not only thier shape but their size. Because of this they were both worshiped and feared by the newer races that continually seemed to appear to walk the earth with them. The most prominent of these races were the humans, when the humans came they were facinating to the dragons.
The Humans however were scared of the dragons and alternated between worshiping and trying to kill the dragons. The dragons found this amusing and would take the form of the human and go among them to try to learn why the humans did such strange things. The dragons found that humans have a great ability to both love and hate deeply and that in general anything they did not understand they tried to destroy, this made them a constant amusement to the dragons who delighted in playing with the humans feelings to see what would happen.
As the Dragons spent more time with the humans they stoped playing with the humans and started respecting them as a people developing true friendships and alliances. With the change from toy to friend some humans were taken by dragons as lovers. It was only a matter of time before it was found out that by some odd twist of nature and magic in the shifting ability of the dragons, the two races were biologically compatible. A human female could have a child by a male dragon in human form and a female dragon if she stayed in human form long enough could carry the babe of a human.
The children of the mixed couplings seemed human at first glace, it took close inspection and a knowledge of what to look for to know a draconian at birth. It was not untill puberty that the draconian children started to show the truth of what they were. Like all children Draconians can take after one parent more than the other. These Draconian children could live without realizing that they carried the blood of the dragons, others however were not so fortunate and showed signs at birth that they were different. Humans, seeped in superstition and fear, killed many of the first Draconians fearing what they were. Most others went unnoticed as they were more human than dragon.
However it was realized that the children of mixed couplings could be as much dragon as human when Xavier son of The Clan Mother Zahira fathered a child with his human concubine. Xaviera was the first Draconian born into the clan, her birth was hard and her mother did not survive it. As Xaviera grew her powers grew as well, it was when she entered puberty that the true nature of her being and the depths of her powers were truely seen if not understood. Zahira realizing that there were others out in the world that harbored the blood of dragons that had wandered the earth in human form made it her life work to search out these children that were living only half thier lives or that were being killed for thier differences.
Zahira and her son searched out the Draconians and brought them to Sanctuary, to a Hidden place deep in the Cliffs and mountains and connected to the other clans by secret byways through the earth. Here Zahira sheltered the first draconians.
Zahira never tried to hide Sanctuary from the humans... just what it was that truely lived there. However, the humans steeped in fear and superstition found out about the draconian children and attacked the Clan at a time when most of the Dragons were out on search. Zahira was only able to get a few of the youngest Draconian children and dragons to safty with another clan. She was unable to find Xaviera and her son was killed defending the childrens escape. In hopes of finding Xaviera and the rest of her clan that were away at the time of the search Zahira and the few remaining members of the clan began an extensive search. They used Sanctuary as a base, rebuilding it into an impenetrable fortress and enfusing the stone with great magics designed to keep humans away.
The work on Sanctuary progressed well, however the search for Xaviera did not. The dragons of the clan trickled back in to the clan, some staying some moving on to other clans, none of them brought Xaviera back. Zahira used every form of magic she could manipulate to find Xaviera and yet her search was useless. It was not untill many years later on her death bed that Zahira finally found Xaviera and called her home to the clan. Xaviera followed her grandmothers mind call back to Sanctuary, back to a broken clan that needed a leader. Unaware that she would be that leader untill the death of her grandmother..... When the Dragons Called...

Nickname: DragonKin or The Draig
Origins: Various
Appearance: Varies
Clan Disciplines:
Haven: Sanctuary, They usually have at least one place out side of town within flying distance. Preferably in a forrest with cliffs with caves in them.
Weaknesses: thier nails become slightly talon like and semi-retractable and they develop animal eyes that are slit pupiled and reflect light, they develope slightly pointed ears and thier basic personality is a caring protective one. Backgrounds: Vary