White Fire Draconian

Quiet and hard to anger....but described as fury incarnate when pushed to far ~~
often called dragonmommy by those closest to her because of her innate ability and wish care for friends and family. Her overwelming desire to help both man and beast drives her to protect those she considers family/clan with every fiber of her being.
Dragons: OPAL: Empath, Mind Speech, Elementalist, Warrior -- Coloration - Fireopal, MIRAGE: Illusionist/Mage -- Coloration - Goldenbronze, KEARA: Healer, Empath, Mind Speech, -- Coloration - Iridescent Peacock, MIRYA: Mind Magics, Enchanter, -- Coloration - Amethystblack, OBSIDIAN: Mage, Warrior Bonded to Xia, Coloration - Diamondblack with a snow white flake mark on his chest, The Twins Arian & Zeleya: Mind Speach, Elementalists, -- Coloration - Iridescent Opalwhite.

Xaviera's closest friend and heartsister Illiessa is a force unto herself, the whole world changes when Ili crashes onto the scene in a cloud of smoke and a flash of lighting to announce her. Any who would claim hearthrights had better be ready and able to prove thier right and any that would threaten the clan had better make ready to die, for Ili has a very short temper and threatening her friends and family is a sure way to make her lose it.
HeartSib to Xia, Clan Elder trusted in all matters of the Clan, Clan Mother to our sister Clan the Blood Angels.~~
Dragons: Pyroxis: Elementalist / Mage -- Deep red with gold running through until the very tips of his wings they go to a deep black PARADOX: Enchanter, Illusionist, -- Coloration - Sapphire Blue & Black, RUE: Mage, Healer, -- Coloration - Amythest and Burgandy

Son of Iliessa and Strahd

Iliessa's sister, BloodAngel

Vampire/Necromancer fierce protector of that which he holds dear. ~~
Dragons: DRAVEN: See below.

Founder of The Church of Dawn
One of Xaviera's Oldest and dearest friends.~~
Dragon: RAZOR: Warrior, Mind Speech, -- Coloration - Black with Red

Dark Alal, Embraced by CKTHONIC although timid and shy she is a fierce defender when those she loves is attacked, and dont let the size fool you though only 4 ft. she is no child. Tehana's deep and powerful capabilities, amazingly strong even for an Alal, in shapeshifting, mind powers, healing, and empathy forced the Alal to bring Tehana to Xaviera for training, it was however Tehana's instant love of the dragons and full devotion that lead her to save the lives of a number of the elder dragons in a feat of healing that nearly rivaled Xia's own that won her a place forever in the hearts of the draconians and a place by the hearth when ever she wishes to claim it.~~
Dragons: KYRA:, Darkest forest green with a silver underbelly and silver markings over the bones of her wings, CRYSTAL: deepviolet bodey with darkblue tracery marking her wings and sides.

Beloved of Devon, a young mortal shapechanger, loyal, a fierce fighter when given enough motivation to stand up for herself, fiercely protected by those of the clan. ~~ Dragon: DAWNFIRE: Mage/Warrior, Mind Speach, steadfast,strong, stability personified, Mate to Keyrst, -- Coloration: fiery red and gold

Beloved of Talia, Son of Ravenloche, Blood son of Xaviera, Red Fire Draconian/Dark Angel, has a little shifter ability, fiercly protective of his beloved and his family. ~~ Dragon: Keyrst: Master of the Mind Magics, Mate to Dawnfire, Coloration:

A person to be aware of Zeld is caring and conciderate of others but he is a force to be wary of when crossed or his loved ones are threatened. ~~
Dragon :

Draconian, Her wings are an Irridecent Emerald Green tinged with blue and shaded deeply with black along the wing bones, Little seen but greatly adored, Xia's blood sister is a troubled woman who's history is shrouded in mystery.~~
Dragons: TAVIANA: Telepath -- Coloration: blackopal

Quiet but fast to defend those she cares for. ~~
Dragon: TIKASA: Bonded to Topaz -- Coloration: purple

Dark Angel embraced by Raven

A human devoted to the dragon that saved her life SnowEyes is so called because her eyes are mirrored silver, she leads the human content of the warriors while her partner/dragon Kellan leads the dragons.


Teal accented with a Soft Red Draconian. Learning her way in a new life she promises to be a great member of our family. ~~ Dragon: Keejara: (land dragon)teal wings with red on the edges a body of turquoise.


The Guardians

Clan Elder, mage, an illusionist that few can match wise, stubborn, and a bit of a prankster. Mate of Kellan Coloration: Ice blues

Head of the Warriors, Mate of Yfandes, Bonded to SnowEyes Coloration: metalic white

Clan Elder, dearly beloved he is a very wise soul.

A newer member who is on a quest to find his past.

Priestess, Healer, Mate to Kandoz

Scholar, Mate to Daress

Warrior, Mate to Sonis

Warrior, Mate to Torvin


Healer, Elementalist, Bonded to Ravenloche Coloration - Onyx & Crimson

Enchanter, Illusionist, Bonded to Ravenloche Coloration - Gold with Crystal Blue Bands ringing thru wings.



A Dragon of a different breed he is a welcome addition to our family. A friend and protector to all he cares for. ~~
Dragon: A molten silver color with black spidery veins running across his hide in hypnotic patterns. Eyes are the same.Personality: Feisty, yet docile, loyal, obedient to a point, but a fierce defender of those he cares about. And quite charming when he wants to be.