Black hair with small bands of silver streaking it, Silvern eyes that turn deep voilet to Inkblack changable as her moods. Height four foot even. weight.. about a hundred pounds (soaking wet and including wings)she has a very decieving small and delicate build but her muscles are whipcord and iron, her wings are of pearlblack with tarnished silver and deep violet to purple markings, wingspan 10ft.

Embraced by Ckthonick ~ Dark Alal

     Does not remember anything before the age of six.... at which time she was put into slavery. She remembers being stolen from her home.....assumes parents to be dead. was given no formal training other than what she needed to serve her master , can not read or write. was kept in slavery untill she and a friend figured out how to over load the spells on the collars that the master used to keep the slaves from talking, escaping, and that was supposed to surpress any "powers that they may have" . Fortunatly for her her powers were stronger than the spells on the lock of the collar and she ( in a fit of fright) burned the spells out on the lock.... sustaining a nasty wound that seemed not to ever heal untill CKTHONIC embraced her into the Dark Alal

     She escaped barely with her life (at the age of 23 (or 280 moons as she puts it) and lost her self in the woods with the help of the birds and animals who lead her to a witch woman who helped her, healing what she could and recuperate, and started teaching her how to talk and take care of herself.  Unfortunately the woman was old and not long for life and died not long after. ..... ( about eight or nine moons).   She buried the woman and stayed in the hut for a while but eventually realized that she had to leave she could not stay there for ever she was lonely and frightened but determined to find a place for herself with others.  She set off in the spring again the birds and animals guided her to the closest village living off the land as she went using the knowledge the old woman had given her.
     When she reached the village she tried her best to fit in but it was useless she was to different from the simple villagers and farmers.  So she left and went on to the next she did this over and over sometimes leaving before trouble sometime with it nipping at her heals.  Untill the last village when she was drawn to a child that had broken his leg and unconciously healed him..... the towns folk were enraged and called her a witch and a demon and tried to stone her to death.  She ran from them but they chased after her into the forest with the help of the birds she was able to keep ahead of them for a time.... but she grew tired and weak and the caught up to her and attacked her beating and wounding her till they thought she could no longer run they set a guard on her and prepared to take her back to kill her publically for all the town to see so they would all know that it had actually been done.  In the lapse of attention of the guard she slipped away barely concious the only thing she knew was she had to get away from the men and she needed help.  she found a tiny cave to hide in and waited for the men to give up the search which they eventually did.  Weak from blood lose and not having eaten in days she crawled out of the cave and stumbled her way thru the forest untill nearly unconcious she came across a building.  She could hear ppl inside and the lights looked so warm and welcoming, she stumbled in getting barely a glance around and passed out.

     When she came to she was looking into the face of a beautiful woman who told her she was safe and that no one would harm her.  Ravenloche took her under her wing (almost literally hehe) and began to teach her how to control her powers and to be her own person and not what others told her to be.  She grew close to Raven and her Clan and learned that they were sorta a type of demon...  But they accepted her as her own kind would not do so it didnt matter to her .

     Untill the master started calling her back.  Using bloodmagic with Tehana's own blood he called to her and summoned her back.  It took everything she had learned and all her will to resist him and a little help from her new family.  Raven was able to block the summoning, but it was still a whisper in the back of her mind at all times.... so to break the bond between her and the master she was embraced and brought over to the dark ....The Alal would be her new family. Now she has even more to learn and many nights to do it in.... Her Life had just begun.

     After over 1500 years Tehana has returned from her wanderings of looking for her lost Sire. Tired and hurt wondering what to do next she is rudely surprised by the arrival of a sister that wants her dead, a brother that just wishes she would go away and she just doesnt understand and an uncle that barely notices her existance, that is When he even comes around... and the joyous return of her sire Ckthonic. Her joy however, would be short lived as her Sire would be ripped from her life yet again, leaving her alone yet again, with a new family she does not know, and that does not seem to care for her....


 ....and life goes on...